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Meet The Board

Meet the dynamic Board of the BVVK Investment Society 2023/2024! Fueled by motivation and passion, our dedicated team is geared up and ready to accompany you on an exciting financial journey. Get ready to thrive as we bring expertise, enthusiasm, and support to every step of your investment adventure. Let’s make your financial dreams a reality together!

New Board

New Approach

New Mindset


Experience the evolution with BVVK Investment Society’s groundbreaking approach to finance! Setting ourselves apart from previous boards, we’re on a mission to change the mindset of young investors, fostering growth and facilitating their investing journey in unprecedented ways. Be part of this transformative journey, where innovation meets community, and together, we redefine the landscape of young investors.

Riccardo Djordjevic


“Hey, my name is Riccardo and I am the Chair of BvvK! I am a second-year Economics student in Utrecht. If you can’t find me on campus, I probably am biking somewhere in Europe!”

Jelmer van den Velde

Senior Investor

“Hi all! My name is Jelmer and I am the Senior Investor of BvvK this year. I help out with managing the portfolio and I oversee the production of the quarterly market reports. I have quite a lot of interests so whether you want to go over the 10K of your favorite company or play a game of chess, you are always welcome.”



“Hey, hey, hey! I’m Monsif, your money magician for the year.
During the week I love swinging on bars doing calisthenics and gymnastics. But it’s not all about Excel sheets and pull-ups. Catch me at the bar with friends on a Friday night, because balance is key, right? Let’s make this financial journey a fun one!”

Andrian Aleksov


“Hi everyone! My name is Andrian and I’m the secretary of our caffeinated board. I help with keeping everything running smoothly and make sure no records are lost. I’m a person with many interests, some of them being banking, sports, investing, and coffee. So if you are down for a coffee chat feel free to reach out.”

Homayoun Geravand

External Effairs

“I do external affairs, that entails reaching out to firms, companies and individuals to try to arrange connections and collaborations with BvvK. I also take care of the website, and help with documenting with promotion (that’d be Ola).”

Aleksandra Tatko

Head of Promotion

“Hey BvvK Community! I’m Ola, your go-to person on this incredible journey with BvvK. I manage social media, connect with our amazing members, lend a hand with the website, and make sure our events shine in the spotlight. Beyond the digital realm, you’ll catch me breaking a sweat at the gym or unwinding with a captivating book in one of Utrecht’s cozy cafes during my downtime.”

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