What does the BvvK Offer

By joining the BvvK you will not only become familiar with investing but you will also get a chance to acquire excellent analysis and presentation skills. The BvvK is also a great way to meet your fellow students outside the lecture hall. The BvvK consists out of members that are bachelor, pre-master and masters students. We regularly organize activities for our members. Some related and some unrelated to investing.

Membership requirements

All students of The Utrecht School of Economics can apply to become a member of the BvvK Investments. Usually we select our new members in September and January, but we also consider proactive applications throughout the year. Since we have a limited amount of spots available for new applicants, we request you to attach a short text expressing your motivation for joining us. However, we do not require previous experience in investing or trading. 

Membership costs

Initial buy-in: € 50 

Investment contribution:  € 15/month

Activities contribution:      € 7.50/month

Initial buy-in and investment contributions will be paid directly into our investment account. This is the money that we actively invest during our weekly meetings. Once you decide to leave the BvvK the money will be refunded to you together with your accumulated gains/losses. 

The activities contribution covers costs for our regular activities (BBQ, boat trip, Christmas dinner, etc.), drinks/snacks at meetings etc. 

Membership registration

For the start of the study year 2021/2022 we are opening the BvvK for new members! If you would like to become a member, or just want to join one of our meetings, you can send an email to

At BvvK Investments we want to make you feel welcome and give you hands-on experience with every aspect surrounding investing. We do it in an environment where we support sharing knowledge, socializing, learning and making new friends. The BvvK is the perfect place to learn investing in a safe and fun way, we look forward to you joining us!

Brendan Lyons


    BvvK member application

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